Wednesday Homework


Paquette math – Finish dream house assignment

Science tutoring – study your cards

Science – quiz on cell parts, mechanical energy, and compounds/elements Friday

SOL Test Schedule:

Tuesday, May 5 – Reading SOL

Wednesday, May 6 – science SOL

Thursday, May 7 – ss SOL

Tuesday, May 12 – math SOL

Tuesday Homework


Science quiz Friday on: cell parts, mechanical energy, compounds/elements

ss – 30, 32, and 32 1/2

Track team members will go to the track meet at FCHS on April 28, permission slips went home today

Wednesday Homework


Paquette math – circles sheet

*Picture Day is tomorrow

Turn in “Free Field Trip” permission slip (green) for Friday if you haven’t yet. Extra copies (white) went home today to the five students who haven’t turned it in yet.

The Free/Day in the Woods/Underground Railroad trip is Friday from noon until 10 PM. Parents must pick up students from Henry at that time.

Our tour of BFMS went well today!


Jamestown Reminders

If you are going on the trip:

Pack a throw-away lunch for the bus ride tomorrow.

Be here at 6:30 to board the bus.

The bus LEAVES at 7:00. If you are not here, we will not wait and you will not get a refund.

Thursday Homework


Turn in BFMS registration forms tomorrow.

Jamestown Trip FAQ – A detailed letter about the trip will come home tomorrow.

What time do we have to be at school Tuesday? 6:30 AM, bus leaves promptly at 7:00

Can we take pictures? Yes, but adults and students are NOT allowed to post pictures to social media websites.

Is there a refund since we are only taking one bus now? Yes, a small refund will be given out on Tuesday.

Do I need to pack a throw-away lunch for the bus ride Tuesday? Yes, but breakfast will be given on Tuesday morning.

Am I allowed to bring food/snacks? Yes, but be reasonable!

Am I allowed to bring electronics? Yes, and the bus has charging outlets for every seat.

Is there a bedtime? Yes, be respectful of the other hotel guests and your chaperone will tell students when bedtime is.

Is there a gift shop? Can I bring money? Yes, and yes. However, slingshots, rifles, swords and other such toys/items are not allowed to be purchased on the trip.

Please ask questions as a comment if there is anything else you need to know.

Monday Homework


McGinnis math – sheet

Paquette math – probability test tomorrow

VS – VA regions quiz tomorrow

BFMS registration papers – please turn in ASAP

Report cards go home Friday

NBA MVP Voting

Who do you think should be the NBA MVP. Who would look best on the cover of NBA 2K16? Will the reining MVP’s teammate Russell Westbrook win, Most Valuable to be Stephen Curry, The other Most Valuable to be James Harden(FEAR THE BEARD) or the Four time MVP LeBron(King)James win.

Fifth Grade news problem

Mr.Paquette made fifth grade news for the kids.I think it is a good idea to get on fifth grade news more because Mr.Paquette is paying money to keep this website.Dashboard is a great way to keep in touch with your fifth grade friends.When Mr.Paquette showed us this website on the first day of school you all thought it was cool. Is it not cool now? I get on fifth grade news almost every day I can.The first week after school started there was like 6 people on dashboard.Now you are lucky to have another kid on. I hope my point came across to the people who read this. Messages is also a great way to who you want to. If you are not on you can not read this.I hope my point came across to the people who read this.

Thursday Homework

*Attention: There were LOTS of nurse passes written today. If you’re not feeling well, check to be sure you do not have a fever before coming to school tomorrow.


Writing – Double negatives quiz will not not be tomorrow.


Wednesday Homework


Writing – There isn’t no double negative quiz Friday.

Music in Our Schools concert is Thursday @ FCHS, 7:00 PM (if you were invited by Ms. Vitello to participate)

Reading reward is this Friday – bring in board games

BFMS Parent Info Night

Fifth Grade Parents:  This is a reminder that the BFMS parent night is scheduled for tomorrow evening, March 17th beginning at 6:00 p.m. at BFMS East Hall. Go to the entrance with a daffodil statue out front. It is the last/farthest building when entering from the Arby’s/KFC side.  I encourage you to attend if possible!

Wednesday Homework


BFMS band and choir teachers visited today. BFMS registration papers will come home today. If your child wants to play in the band, the “woodwinds” are flute, clarinet, and saxophone. “Brass” is either trombone or trumpet. “Percussion” is NOT an option for 6th grade.

News Update


Let’s hope all of the snow days are done as we head into spring! It has been difficult getting all of our graded work finished in time for the upcoming report cards. However, Dr. Church did announce that there will be one more week added to the third nine weeks due to all of the school closings.

Band, Wheel, or Choir?

Mrs. Grindstaff and other BFMS staff members will visit with Henry students this Wednesday to give them an overview of what they may choose as electives next year. A paper will come home this week that lets you and your child decide what they would like to sign up for in sixth grade.

A Day in the Woods

On Friday, April 10th, fifth grade students are invited to spend the afternoon and evening recreating the experience of the Underground Railroad. You may remember something similar to this from the Haw River field trip last year, but this one is right here in Franklin County at Waid Park. Students will leave school at noon and the trip lasts until 10 PM. More details and a permission slip will be coming home soon.

Rising Sixth Grade Parent Information Night and BMFS Tour

On March 17th at 6 PM you are invited to BFMS to learn about sixth grade. They will explain many aspects of the transition to middle school and answer any questions you may have. Students will also be taking a tour of the BFMS East Hall (6th grade building) on Wednesday, April 8 for an hour (10-11) and will be back in time for lunch at Henry.

Pennies for Patients

Our school guidance counselor, Ms. Tran, has organized a fundraiser to support cancer research. Please send in some pennies to help out!

Jamestown Chaperones Please Read

A letter went home on Monday (today) about a meeting you need to attend here in the Henry cafeteria on March 24th at 5:30. We will be reviewing the itinerary and responsibilities for the trip.


Monday Homework

NO R&R (because Mr. Paquette will have a sub tomorrow)

Math – fractions unit test Thursday

PTO – Tuesday night

Read Across America Week
Tuesday: Foxiest Sock Day (wear your silliest socks)
Wednesday: Wear Your Clothes Inside Out and green eggs in cafeteria for breakfast
Thursday: Wear Your Grinchiest Green Day
Friday: Come as your favorite Dr. Seuss character or book character

Wednesday Homework


Next Week is Read Across America Week:

Monday: Crazy Hat Day
Tuesday: Foxiest Sock Day (wear your silliest socks)
Wednesday: Wear Your Clothes Inside Out and green eggs in cafeteria for breakfast
Thursday: Wear Your Grinchiest Green Day
Friday: Come as your favorite Dr. Seuss character or book character

Wednesday Homework


writing final copies “mascot” prompt due tomorrow at the end of class

*Bobcat Night tonight at Daniel’s Place

*Thank you for helping with party snacks/supplies for the dance tomorrow!

*Don’t bring cologne/perfume/makeup to school tomorrow

When is the dance? 1:35-2:55 in the gym tomorrow

Tuesday Homework


science – SOL practice test tomorrow, study notes

writing – Final copies of the “class mascot” prompt are due Thursday at the end of our 30 minute “publish” writing class. Depending on how much you accomplish before then, you may or may not have to work on it for homework.

Fall in Love with Math Night tonight

Monday Homework


*No perfume or cologne to school on Thursday!

science – practice SOL test Wednesday, study notes from today and review all science study guides from or something like this

writing – “class mascot” prompt due Thursday

Out of Control

Dont at least sometimes wonder why there is so much gossip? Not just in 5th grade in 4th too and in all different grades. But all I can say is there is a lot in 5th grade. Did you know that if you gossip it can really make some one feel really bad inside? I am not saying that i have never gossiped before in my life .  Trust me I have. Did you know that not only girls gossip. I can think of boys names too. Even if u say something as simple as I saw Janie twirling her hair while talking to Freddy,there going to get married. Don’t you ever think that gossip should stop. I know it won’t but I do with is would. Have you ever gossiped? If you answered no then I am wondering if you are human. Another subject that brought up a lot of gossip is the dance. The dance is  meaning to be fun, not nerve racking. Don’t freak out if you don’t know how to dance. Another thing is if you are asked and  you say yes lots of people will say things about you dating and its not true. I hope this advice helped you BIG time.

Adopt An Animal From the Rescue Shelter

Have you ever wanted a playful best friend? Then your in luck! So your probably wandering what I’m talking about so I’m going to tell you. Adopt/rescue an animal from the Rescue Shelter (or nearest animal shelter). If you adopt an animal you save it’s life, because otherwise if its not adopted in a certain amount of time it will be put down. Also you get a playful best friend. You can play with it day and night. If you don’t have any room for an animal then you could donate some money every month to help with some animals’ medical care.

Join a Softball Team

Have you wanted a fun way to exercise and lose weight? Well then softball is the right sport for you. You can exercise so you can build up muscles and it will help you lose weight fast. It is also a great way to hang out with friends if you don’t have any time during school hours. This will teach you teamwork skills because you have to listen to what others tell you. If you join softball you will not regret it.

The Dance

Do you like to dance? If you do come to the Henry Elementary’s 5th grade dance! You should come because there will be lots of dancing like the cha-cha slide, cupid shuffle, and the wobble. There will be tasty snacks there like chips, brownies, and fruit punch. What do you do at the dance? Thanks for asking you just have fun, also you just hang out with friends and dance. I hope you will attend because it will be bundles of fun!

Thursday Homework


Science – vertebrates/invertebrates quiz tomorrow, study cards

Paquette math – finish fractions to decimals sheet we started in class, you may use a calculator

writing – final copies are due at the end of writing class (30 min.) tomorrow, be sure you have enough done to turn in your best work at the end of class

Wednesday Homework


McGinnis math – sheet

science – vertebrates/invertebrates quiz Friday, study cards we made in class

writing – have a rough draft of “letter to Carla  about opening a restaurant” ready for sharing tomorrow

Spelling Bee Champion: Grace Cook! Congratulations!!!


The Life Changing Crash

One foggy night on the Atlantic Ocean the Spanish Galleon got struck by lightning and the horses set free. One of the horses lost track because he could not find the other horses. Luckily the chief of a Native American tribe found the horse and named it Lightning. The horse was lonely without a family with him  but the chief helped take care of him while he was away from him. The next morning Lightning did his daily routine witch was eating walking and using the bathroom.

After a long hard swim the horse made it to a island.Then he all of a suddenly heard a strange noise and ran towards it. The chief tried to stop him but he had no luck. The horse could not find the noise but what he did find was a snake slithering after him he was running as fast as he could but the snake was catching up with him. Lightning then turned around and stomped the snake and it could not move anymore.

The horse heard the noise again and tried to find it but the chief was gaining on him. he started to run faster and eventually found the noise and it was his family. he was so excited he neighed with excitement and kicked the chief down but luckily he was okay. He joined his family and ate with them and they started to get ready for the night. They then lived happily ever after!

The Chiefs lightning

It was a stormy night, the seas were rough, wild and a Spanish  galleon is in the sea. They are carrying ponies. All the ponies are freaking out. Bam,Whoosh! The ship crashed! The ponies swim to shore.

One broke apart from his family.The pony was scared, and he saw people in the distance. He went over to one of them. It was an Indian chief  and the chief named him lightning. He needed to be trained for a mission.He was very important to the crew and the chief.The chief was getting mad.

The horse wouldn’t listen. He wouldn’t do anything for the chief. The chief  was fed up  with the horse.  The chief called the horse worthless. Lightning saw the ponies on Chincoteague island and he wanted to be with his family. Lightning ran away to his family and lived with his family for the rest of his life.



News Update

Seven students made the Principal’s List and ten were on A/B Honor Roll this past nine weeks, WOW! Even though report cards looked great, we (students and teachers) still have to work very hard to prepare for SOL testing in the spring. One change we have made that will start next week is that Mrs. Burnette and Mrs. Altice will be teaching 5th grade Virginia Studies for the remainder of the year. Mr. Paquette will be teaching 4th grade science. It will be super to have classes of only about 12 students per teacher in social studies!


Our SFA reading program is really showing significant growth in our students’ comprehension levels. Please continue to sign reading logs and be sure your child is reading for a full twenty minutes each night.


Don’t be afraid, parents, it’s just the fractions unit! This is our longest unit of the year, 30 school days. Fifth graders will learn how to compare, simplify, add, and subtract fractions this year. Here is an example of the hardest problem we will have: 2 1/4 – 1 3/8 = ?  Students who turn in the correct answer to this may clip up twice and get a prize from the prize box!

 Social Studies

We are learning about the 20th century now. Mrs. Burnette and Mrs. Altice are now teaching 5th grade Virginia Studies. Mr. Paquette is now teaching 4th grade science.


We have now finished most of the 5th grade science units, but we still need to review all of them. A large study guide will be coming home soon that covers ALL of 4th and 5th grade science units to prepare for the SOL test.

Valentine’s Dance

“You do not ‘go’ with anyone to this dance. It is a fun social event, not a prom!” is what Mr. Paquette announced this Thursday.

Valentine’s dance FAQ:

When is it? Thursday, February 12th from 1:30-2:55 PM in the gym.

May parents come? Yes.

Do you need to dress up? No. Students usually wear something a little nicer than usual.

May we send in snacks/chips/treats? YES, we need donations, but we already have music, decorations, and punch covered. We are in need of munchies for the snack table.

Does 5th grade still do Valentine’s cards? Yes, and there are 25 fifth graders: Julia, Daniel, Grace, Taylor, Drake, Kayleigh, Harley, Rianna, Isaiah, Alex, Jacob, Chris, Alan, Colby, Tatyana, Matthew, Sally, Evan P, Jaelin, Genesis, Dalena, Tina, Evan W, William, Hannah.

Jamestown Reminder/Payment Due

The second payment of $75.00 is due February 1. The original cost was $150.00 per student and $183.00 per adult. We were hoping to lower the cost with the Trunk or Treat hot dog sales and some other small fundraisers, but since we definitely need two buses now, those funds will cover that additional cost. The price, unfortunately, is still the same. If you already paid a child deposit of $75, you owe $75. If you paid an adult $75 deposit, you still owe $108.