Thursday Homework


Science – sound quiz tomorrow

Sample questions:

What causes sound?

Sound is a form of –

What kind of wave is sound?

Why can dogs hear a dog whistle and humans cannot?

What do bats and dolphins use to locate food and avoid obstacles?

Does sound travel fastest through a solid or a gas?

Tuesday Homework


McGinnis math group – multiplication unit test tomorrow

Science – sound large quiz/small test on Friday on the sound study guide

Bingo for Books is tonight – there will be a LOT of prizes given out!

Monday Homework


Paquette math group – multiplication test tomorrow

McGinnis math group – multiplication test Wednesday

Science – Sound test Friday on this study guide

WIN Vocabulary this week: frequency, pitch, compression, echolocation, dividend, divisor, quotient

Bingo for Books is tomorrow night!


Chess “Apprentice” group meets tomorrow 3:00-4:15, bring a snack

Friday News

From Mr. Paquette

We have been having some good times in fifth grade over the past few weeks. The Civil War Days field trip was informative and exciting. We saw General Lee, a blacksmith working, and watched a real cannon being fired! The Franklin County Agricultural Fair was also full of educational stations with students from the high school and guests from the community teaching us about all about a bunch of agricultural topics. Students learned about planting crops, caring for animals, and how to be safe around farm equipment.

Five Subject Summary

Reading – There were a number of concerns over reading grades on progress reports. These will come up as more SFA grades are added and I will be dropping the lowest cold passage grades at the end of the nine weeks so there will be an equal number of cold passages and SFA tests.

Math – Unit 3 Multiplication tests will be on Tuesday (Paquette) and Thursday (McGinnis) next week. Most errors that are happening are due to careless adding and a lack of knowledge of multiplication facts. We will continue to work on the Reflex math website to increase math fact fluency. Mr. Paquette’s personal goal with Franklin County Public Schools this year is to have 100% fluency in math facts with all fifth graders by the end of the year.

Science – We will have science next week and will be learning about sound. Frequency/pitch, echolocation, and the parts of a sound wave will be some of the topics we will explore.

SS – We finished week one of three about the Civil War today. We learned about three key people and events that lead to the American Civil War. The next time we have social studies we will be learning about the battles that took place. Then, the following Virginia studies week will be about how it ended and the aftermath. Projects will be due in that final week on October 14 (the Tuesday after Columbus Day). The project has three graded parts: a one-page typed report about the topic your child selected and researched this week, an art component, like a poster or model, and a one to two minute oral report on their subject.

Writing – Our new SFA writing program is going well. I was concerned last week about the considerably long amount of time we have to complete each final copy, eleven days, and the shortness of what was turned in. I will be raising the expectations for what a fifth grade final copy should be like.

Coming Soon

  • Chess starts next week for those of you who joined!
  • Bingo for Books next Tuesday night
  • Friday, Sept. 26, 2 hour early dismissal
  • Jamestown trip in March – I’m still working with 4th grade to get the price worked out

Thursday Homework

Thanks for the news reports about my “terrible illness”. :) It was just a mild fever with aches and pains, but I had to follow school policy and go home. To set the record straight, I had never called in sick for a substitute since August of 2004… until yesterday :(



SSQuiz on three important people during the time before the Civil War started tomorrow. Students should have three “baseball cards” to study and I gave out a paper copy of the whole Civil War unit study guide today. You only need to study the front of it about Nat Turner, Harriet Tubman, and John Brown tonight.

The Henry Timez

<strong When this terrible thing occured was September, 16 ,2014. On that tragic day Mr.Paquette got sick with a 101 .5 fever.

 Early still that day during W.I.N time Mr.Paquette went to see Mrs.Brodie to check if he had a fever. He did. He hasn’t been sick for nine years. His symptoms was a fever and he was tired.

His half day substitute was a person I can not name for important reasons. This substitute did not let us have recess yesterday. The substitute said that we do not have recess on P.E days. So the sub read Rump to us for the whole twenty-five minutes of recess.We were furious!

 But today we have the best sub in the world. Today is September,17,2014. The sub’s name is Mrs.Bennett.We asked if we had recess today and she said yes.

 But in fact last year we did not have recess on Mondays or Tuesdays. Mrs.Whitmer changed the rules. Now we have recess on every day exept Monday. We are very happy.

 Thank you for taking the time to read this school newspaper. Special thanks to Mrs.Woods reading group and Mrs.Woods.

                                                             Sincerly your author,

                                                                Shayna Brittain



BMX Show Comes to Franklin County

BMX show comes to Franlin County. The brave riders were Zane Bradley, Kyle Biller and Andrew Fox, on Oct 18, 2015 Bmx riders came and entertained local Franklin County students.

The young riders came and put on quite a show. They took a teacher and said do you want to volunteer. The teacher didn’t know what he was into.

Andrew Fox was ready. He wanted a challenge. The students encouraged the teacher to get up. He did but the students had to get a picture first.

Then I realized I know him it’s Mr.Paquette. He was not scared,he looked fearless. I think he liked it. I really think kids had a good time I hope they have it again.

Monday Homework


Turned in signed progress reports if you haven’t yet.

Make-up Work: three students owe me a math sheet or a writing prompt… they know who they are.

SS Quiz Friday on Nat Turner, Harriet Tubman, and John Brown – study guides and materials will come home tomorrow.

Today in Science…

We learned about the effect of heat on matter. It makes molecules of a liquid, water, expand into a much larger volume of water vapor. On the other hand, it can also make a can full of steam be chilled back into a tiny amount of water!


Wednesday Homework


WIN vocab quiz tomorrow

Atom parts redo quiz for non-100’s tomorrow

McGinnis math group – vol. 2 pg 182 #2, 4, 11-14

Grandparents’ Breakfast tomorrow

Chess Club will be forming soon

Field trip Friday – pack a lunch and water

Tuesday Homework


McGinnis Math Group – Pg 177 #2, 3, 5, 7, 9, 10

Science questions sheet if not finished in class – open notes and resources (like books and internet)

WIN Vocab quiz Thursday

Scholastic orders – due tomorrow

Grandparents’ Breakfast – Thursday morning

Field Trip Friday – Franklin County Fair


I’m so happy !!!! I bet nobody can describe my mood that I’m in. i’m not sad i’m not mad im not frustrated. I’M HAPPY VERY VERY HAPPY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 19

Anthony is getting ready to catch the ball the crowd was so quiet you could hear a pen drop. Anthony catches the ball! The crowd goes wild! ” Yeah yes ,” Anthony said.

Terrell ran up to Anthony and gave him a huge hug.  ” Great job,” Terrell said with a smile!

” You did it,” Maggie said.

They left the baseball field and went to the pizza parlor. Anthony said ” Am I on the team now ?”

They all had a great time but had to go home at ten o clock.

Anthony and Terrell went to bed when they got home. As they walked up the stairs to their bedrooms.

Terrell told Anthony ” Little bro you made the team!”

Anthony said ” Whens our next game then ?”

Chapter 19

Anthony gets ready to catch the ball. The stadium gets so quiet you could hear a pen drop. Anthony catches catches the ball!

Terrell jumps out of the stands a said ” Yes finally!’ and gave Anthony a huge hug.

Maggie and everybody else was running over there. Maggie said “Way to go.’

Joe said, ” Nice  catch! I knew you could do it.

They all went to the pizza parlor and goofed off and had a good time.

Then Anthony asked ” Am I on the team now?”

Joe said ” Yes of course.”

Anthony said ” Great when do I start?”

Wednesday Homework


Math Unit 2 Test tomorrow

Spirit day Friday

Civil War Days field trip Friday – bring a bagged lunch & water, this trip does not require parents to pick you up or drop you off. You will ride the bus home as usual that day.

Wednesday Homework


WIN Vocab Quiz Friday: sum, difference, addend, minuend, subtrahend, increase, decrease

Science quiz Friday: I forgot to mention this in class today. It will be very easy:

  • Atoms are tiny particles of matter.
  • Atoms are made of protons, neutrons, and electrons.
  • Molecules are tiny particles that are made of two or more atoms stuck together.
  • Label a picture like this one:


Thursday Homework

All – R&R

McGinnis math group – rounding decimals test tomorrow, study guide due tomorrow if not turned in today

Ss – Test tomorrow on VA geography: rivers, bordering states, regions. I’m making the test tonight directly from this study guide.

Spirit Day is tomorrow.

Friday News – August 29, 2014

From Mr. Paquette

Thank you for everything you’ve been doing at home to help with behavior, grades, and reading logs. We have started the year off on the right foot and I am sure we will continue to have a fantastic year. Your support is very much appreciated!

What’s New?

SFA reading groups have all completed their first six-day cycle and took a test this week. Do you want the good news or the bad news? OK, the bad, scores were terrible. The good, they’re not going in the grade books this time as we are still adjusting to the SFA routine and we have students who are new to Henry.

Math classes have all started unit two, addition and subtraction with decimals and algebra. We actually have some algebra included most units so we can cover that topic well. Since we have Monday off, tests won’t happen until next Friday at the earliest or possibly the Tuesday after. Problems will be like 24.1-0.98 and, “In the expression b+3, the letter b is – ” (the answer is a variable).

Science and social studies will continue to alternate weeks. This week ended science lessons on atoms, elements, molecules, and solid/liquid/gas. Next week we will begin our social studies unit on early Americans. We will learn about how the Native Americans lived and survived prior to European settlement.


In the interest of “hungry stomachs have a hard time concentrating”, we are allowing students to have a small, healthy snack at 10:00AM each day. Examples of what a “healthy snack” is includes raisins, protein bars, an apple, etc. The main reason we are allowing this is because we have one of the last lunch periods.

Civil War Days Field Trip is Next Friday

Cannons go BOOM, soldiers ride up on horses, see how doctors “fix you up” in the olden days, and more. Remember to pack water and a brown bag lunch. *Chaperones* – Sorry, none are needed for this trip. This date (Friday) is just for teachers and students. Civil War Days is open to the public Saturday and Sunday. It’s on 122 near Booker T and before Westlake.

Wednesday Homework

All – R&R

Paquette math group – math test on rounding decimals tomorrow

McGinnis math group – stapled papers/problems/study pages & same test as above on Friday

SS – test on VA regions, rivers, and bordering states Friday

GMail – Did you know all FCPS students have a GMail account? It is a part of the school system’s intranet and can ONLY be used to email other teachers and students who have FCPS emails. It allows students to create Google Docs (similar to Word or Powerpoint) and use Google Drive to store and share files. Students use their GMail account to log into any computer in Franklin County Public Schools so all of their settings and documents can be at any computer! There is a link under “Resources” to log into FCPS GMail. I will finish showing students how to log in tomorrow. Only Paquette math group can log in right now.

Tuesday Homework

All – R&R

Paquette math group – sheet (if not finished in class), test like this one on Thursday, except 16 questions long instead of 5.

McGinnis math group – sheet #1-10, test like this one on Friday

SSStudy guide for VA geography went out today, quiz Friday on regions/rivers/bordering states (this is review material from last year)

Scholastic Orders – Will be placed tomorrow (Wed), last chance to turn them in…

Monday News and Homework

This week is a “social studies” and “reading WIN” week. Next week will be a “science” and “math WIN” week. Students were assigned to their new reading teachers/groups today and SFA (Success for All) officially starts tomorrow. Reading is taught in “cycles” of six days each. Day five of the cycle is the test day, so everyone will have their first SFA tests (comprehension and word power) on Monday the 25th.


All – R&R

Paquette math – place value mini quiz tomorrow, rounding decimals test Thursday, see the sample test under the “math” tab on this website

McGinnis math - sheet

Scholastic orders – due Wed.

SS – regions of VA quiz Friday


Friday News

Hello E-mail subscribers to! Everyone will be getting a paper copy of this newsletter this week because I need some things filled out from Business Day still.

From the Teacher(s)

Once again, welcome to fifth grade at Henry Elementary School. Our first week has been outstanding while preparing students for the Success for All (SFA) reading program that starts next week. We have also been reviewing classroom behavior rules and expectations for learning in fifth grade.

Responses Needed!

If you already filled out the online contact form on Business Day, great! However, of my thirteen parents who signed up for electronic email versions of this newsletter, the system is telling me only twelve of the email addresses are valid, but it’s not telling me which one it isn’t delivering to! Please write your email address for newsletters on the line below with your name and the relationship to your child.


Example:, David’s Dad. If you want paper newsletters, just leave it blank.

Did you Miss Business Day?

Please fill in the spaces below. If you did come for Business Day you don’t need to fill this out.

Parent/Guardian Name ______________________________ Child Name ______________________________

Best Way to Contact You: (Circle)       E-mail        Phone Call        Text Message

To Address/Number ______________________________________________________________________________


Classdojo is Great!

Parents, thank you for signing up if you already did. It has a very positive impact on our learning environment. If you have a sheet with “Classdojo” on it in this week’s Friday Folder, go to and click “Check Behavior” to sign up. It’s 100% FREE! You can see daily classroom behavior reports if you log in and it will email you a behavior report every Friday.

Next Week

Our plan for next week includes starting SFA reading groups, switching to social studies instead of science (alternating weeks, finishing place value and rounding decimals in math, and continuing with our first 11 day writing project, “Something Interesting Your Classmates May Not Know About You” prompt.



Tuesday Homework

All – R&R – There is now an online form under “R&R” above that students may use to complete their Read and Respond.

McGinnis Math Group – Word problem

Paquette Math GroupRounding money sheet

Update – Today was a great second day of school. We finally finished going over all of the rules and expectations. The first unit in math lasts eight days – rounding decimal numbers to wholes, tenths, and hundredths. The “Math Units” tab here on fifthgradenews has homework sheets, activities, and a sample test. Science and social studies will alternate weeks. We are beginning with science and five days on the scientific method and measurement.

Monday Homework

All – Read and Respond 20 minutes

I will not include detailed directions like this on future R&R homework posts, but Read and Respond is a 20 full minutes of reading (at home) and 5-10 minutes writing time. Entries are done in a composition notebook and should include the date, title of the book, and a summary of the section read.

*Parents must initial Read and Respond entries or the student will me marked for no homework.*