Monday Homework


Pack your stuff for Haw River. I suggest two pairs of comfortable shoes and three pairs of socks. It will be very muddy and wet! The bus leaves after morning announcements, so there is no need to get to school earlier than usual.

Friday News

Haw River Field Trip Next Tuesday – Wednesday

Be ready for some mud! Hopefully the rain will have ended by Tuesday when we leave, but the ground will be pretty wet. Follow the What to Pack list, but you may also want to add extra socks and shoes. We will be walking outside a lot on this trip!

Reminder from a previous newsletter:

FAQ – Q – Do we need to drop off or pick up our kids at a special time? A – You may want to bring your child and pick them up on the days of the trip if they are going to pack a lot of stuff. A change of clothes in a backpack and a sleeping bag or blanket & pillow is all that’s really needed, so it is possible to ride the school bus with that. We will be leaving after morning announcements on Tuesday and returning before 3:00 PM Wed. so it will be entirely within normal school hours.

Q – Is there a rain date? A – No, it’s rain or shine.

Q – Is there a gift shop or need for money? A – No.

Q – What is the contact information of the facility? A – Address: 339 Conference Center Dr., Browns Summit, NC 27214 Phone: (336) 342-6163


What to Pack:


Daily change of clothes that can get dirty and at least one pair of long pants

Extra change of clothes

Jacket or sweatshirt

Rain jacket or poncho (we will be out in all kinds of weather)


Shoes (these must be tennis shoes or hiking boots and they will get dirty)


Plastic bag for damp/dirty clothes


Sleeping bag or twin sheets/blanket

Towels and washcloths


Toiletries/Comfort Items







Other needed personal items

Water bottle

 Optional Items

Pen, Notepad, Book for bedtime reading

Please DO NOT bring the following items:


Cell Phones

Expensive Jewelry

Curling Irons/Flat Irons/Hair Dryers

New Clothes

New Shoes

Chewing Gum



Subject Area News

Reading – SFA is moving right along. Teachers have been attending regular meetings to discuss and analyze student data to make sure everyone is having “success for all”.


Math – Unit 4 Division has just started. Strategies that students learned in 3rd and 4th grade will still be used, but we will be working hard over the next 15 school days to teach students “regular” long division as well. This unit includes two-digit divisors and decimals in the dividend. In 4th grade there were only one-digit divisors and no decimals.

Science – Unit 2, Sound, has just started. Students will be learning that sound is created when matter vibrates. They will have to correctly label the parts of a wave and know about frequency/pitch, musical instruments, and echolocation/sonar.

Social studies – We are learning about events leading up to the Civil War. Topics include Harriet Tubman/Underground Railroad, John Brown/Raid on Harper’s Ferry, Abraham Lincoln/Emancipation, and how/why WV became a state.

WIN – “What I Need” is a daily tutoring or enrichment class. Ms. Angle has been doing some fun enrichment lessons on Thursdays that teach teamwork and creativity. Here are the winners of “Build the tallest tower with 20 pieces of paper and nothing else”.


Upcoming Events

  • Haw River trip Sept. 29-30
  • Spirit Day, Friday, Oct. 2
  • Friday, Oct. 9 Last day of 1st nine weeks
  • Monday, Oct 12 No School Columbus Day
  • Friday, Oct. 16 Report cards issued
  • Tuesday, Oct. 20 Showcase Event #2, You’re invited to come to school at the time you selected at the beginning of the year to meet with teachers and see some things we’ve been working on!

Questions, comments, concerns?

We always welcome communication regarding your child’s education. Contact us at any time through Classdojo, by phone, or at our email addresses: &

Wednesday Homework

*Thursday night – ALL students in Franklin County can get into the Agricultural Fair at Franklin County Recreation Park on 619 for FREE on Thursday night only.

Friday – 5th grade field trip to the Agricultural Fair – we will be rotating educational stations and learning, not eating corn dogs and riding rides!


Writing prompt due tomorrow at the end of writing class

Math Unit 3 Sample Test – Oops! Update

The math unit 3 multiplication test will be next Thursday or Friday. There is a link to last year’s test under the study guides/sample tests tab. Keep practicing Reflex and ixl “C” skills!

The sample test I posted was the same as the unit test, oops! I have removed it. The unit 3 math test will be this Wednesday.

Thursday Homework


Turn in field trip money ASAP

Science/ss quizzes tomorrow, Campbell’s homeroom will have a science quiz on matter and labeling the parts of an atom. Paquette’s homeroom will have a ss quiz on events leading up to the Civil War.

Apostrophe S quiz tomorrow

Rule #1 – To make something plural, you usually just add s, like “dogs”. Sometimes a plural is made in a different way, like “children”.

Rule #2 – To show the reader that a singular noun owns something (and it does not end in s) you add ‘s. Example: Bob’s hat

Rule #3 – If a singular noun already ends in s, like “Alexis” or “bus”, you make it possessive by just adding an apostrophe. Examples: Alexis’ book, the bus’ wheels (*It is also acceptable to add ‘s to words or names already ending in s.) Examples: Alexis’s book, the bus’s wheels.

Rule #4 – To make a plural noun (that has been made plural by adding an s, like “cats”) possessive, add an apostrophe after the s. Example: The two cats’ tails are both long.

Rule #5 – To make a plural noun (that doesn’t end in s, like “children”) possessive, add ‘s. Example: The children’s toys were broken.


*Exception to the rules* the word “it’s” can ONLY mean “it is”. To show something belongs to the noun “it”, you just add s. Example: Its fur was blue.


Rule #6 –  to make acronym words, numbers, and letters plural, add ‘s. Examples: two CD’s, three TV’s, straight A’s

Study Guides

Here are a few study guides that you may find helpful! The math study guide is for what we are currently working on (multiplying decimals). The test for this will be sometime next week.


The Civil War study guide is for Social Studies. Mrs. Campbell will tell you what you need to study for the quizzes on Friday!


Friday News


Week four of fifth grade has come to a close and, WOW, we have had 100% homework completion so far! Thank you, parents, for making sure it’s getting done. We really appreciate your help.

Subject Areas

Reading – SFA graded tests should have come home today. If your child did not score as well as you expect, it’s usually because they did not write a complete, well-supported response to the question(s). If the Word Power section of the test received a low grade, ask your child to write down all eight words for the current cycle and practice using them in sentences at home. Also, being absent can negatively affect reading test scores. If your child has been out sick, they will need to ask their reading teacher to take home the necessary materials to get caught up.

Math – Unit 3 is just starting now, which is multiplication, including decimal numbers through the thousandths place. This unit also includes a tiny bit of algebra with questions like, “What is a variable?” It also has order of operations questions like, “What is 5+2×3?”, which would have an answer of 11, not 21, because you do the multiplying before the addition. We use PEMDAS, Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally for students to remember Parentheses, Exponents, Multiply or Divide, and Add or Subtract for order of operations. This unit is 12 school days long.

Science/SS – During the next two weeks we’ll cover events leading up the Civil War and continue the second week of the matter unit. Students will be doing interesting experiments with mixtures and solutions and learn more about atoms, molecules, elements, and compounds.

Writing – We are alternating between a week of grammar and a week with a writing prompt. Next week, students will be writing a paper about “Making Something New from Something Old” with the SFA writing program. For example, a student might write a paper about turning an old shoe box into a school project.

Upcoming Events

Labor Day – No school Monday 9/7, enjoy the long weekend!

Grandparents’ Breakfast – Thursday, 9/10

Progress Reports – Friday 9/11

Picture Day – Thursday 9/17

 Agricultural Fair Field Trip – Friday, 9/25

Haw River Overnight Field Trip! – Tuesday-Wednesday 9/29-9/30, Please submit $70 payment ASAP

Monday Homework


Practice 9×9=81, 9×8=72, 9×7=63

Science & social studies will have weekly quizzes on Friday on notes and study guides from

Math unit 2, add/subtract decimals through the thousandths, test will be Thursday for Campbell’s math group and Friday for Paquette’s. Sample problems: 0.9 + 0.23, $3.29 – $1.65

Back-to-School Showcase Event is tomorrow. Please come at the time you selected.

WIN Menu

Complete the following choices in any order. Get a teacher to initial your paper after you have completed a task.

  • “Model” – Using base 10 blocks, model 1.2 + 0.93 and the correct sum. Draw a picture of all of your work.
  • “Regroup” – Some people like to say, “borrow” when subtracting. For example, in 132 – 17, you can’t do 2-7, so you have to “borrow” from the 3. Write a paragraph about thy the word “regroup” is more appropriate than the term “borrow”.
  • “Shopping Spree!” – Go to the Toys R Us website and pick out 5 items. Write down each product and its price. What is the sum of these items?
  • “Shopping Spree #2” – Start with $100.00 and go to Toys R Us and try to spend all of it. Write down each item and its cost and do the subtraction. Keep buying until you run out of money. Show all of your work.
  • “Worksheet” – Make an add/subtract decimals through the thousandths place worksheet for a friend to complete. Be sure it has between 5-10 problems and isn’t too easy. Grade the paper after your friend completes it.
  • “Friend” – Successfully complete a friend’s worksheet.
  • “Word Problem” – Create a multi-step word problem that uses both addition and subtraction with decimals for the teacher to use in math class. Be sure to have the answer!
  • “Definitions” – Ask Alexa (or use a dictionary) to define the following words: Sum, difference, addend, minuend, subtrahend. Write down the math definitions on paper.
  • “Khan Academy” – Go to Khan Academy , watch the video and do the problem to get “five green checks” on the right side of the screen. Show the teacher your computer screen with the checks on it.
  • “IXL” – Get a Smartscore of 100 on any fifth grade math skill E.1 through E.8. Show the teacher your computer screen.
  • “Reflex” – Get a green light on Reflex.

Friday News

We had a great week in fifth grade at Henry. There’s a lot going on right now as we get back into the swing of school, so here’s a quick summary:

  • Next week is Paquette homeroom science starting the matter unit and Campbell homeroom studying the next section of the study guide about Migration West.
  • In math, both groups are starting 10 days of “Addition and Subtraction with Decimals to the Thousandths” next week.
  • ALL SFA (Success for All) reading groups have finished all of the “Getting Along Together” friendship lessons and this week’s “Introduction to the Reading Program Routines”, so we’ll be getting into some new chapter book literature soon!
  • Writing class will have the big “Beginning of Year Writing Prompt” next week that we will use to measure student growth in English this year.
  • Haw River Field Trip: The final cost will be $70.00 per child, which will cover school bus transportation (about an hour and a half each way) to the park, 4 meals, instructional courses, and overnight accommodations in cabins. We will send home more info about this soon!

If you ever have any questions or comments, please let us know!

-Mrs. Campbell & Mr. Paquette

Thursday Homework


Go Green paragraphs due tomorrow (optional)

9×8=8×9=72 practice the Fact of the Week

Science quiz on scientific method tomorrow for Campbell’s homeroom:

  1. Ask a question.
  2. Make a hypothesis.
  3. Do a fair experiment with everything a constant and only the one thing being tested as the independent manipulated variable.
  4. Record and organize data.
  5. Analyze data and draw a conclusion.

SS quiz for Paquette’s homeroom tomorrow on the George Washington and James Madison parts of this study guide.

Wednesday Homework


Go Green paragraphs due Fri. (optional)

Paquette homeroom – enter any online Scholastic orders before 7:00 PM

Practice 9×8=72

Sci/ss quizzes Fri.

Math test on place value and rounding through thousandths tomorrow

Tuesday Homework


Go Green paragraph due Fri. (optional)

Turn in Scholastic orders by tomorrow (Wed.); orders should be back by Monday.

Practice 9×8=72

Math test like this one on Thursday!

Science (Campbell)/ss (Paquette) quizzes Fri. Campbell’s class study notes on scientific method, Paquette’s homeroom study George Washington and James Madison (1st page) of this study guide.

Writing – Have a complete, five sentence or longer, rough draft to class tomorrow about the “Time I was Scared” prompt.

Monday Homework


Go Green paragraph due Friday (optional, for those interested)

Paquette homeroom – turn in Scholastic orders by Wed.

Practice 9×8=72 this week!

Math – place value & rounding test Thursday

Science (Campbell) and ss (Paquette) have quizzes on material covered this week on Fri.

Writing – rough draft of “Time I was Scared” prompt, due for sharing on Wed.

No Homework on Weekends & News Brief

We never give homework on the weekends, unless you count long-term projects. Next week we’ll be switching to Mrs. Campbell’s class having science with Mr. Paquette and Mr. Paquette’s class having social studies with Mrs. Campbell. SFA reading will also begin with a “Kick-Off” assembly in the gym on Monday. We also have important MAP testing going on next week that is a part of the beginning, middle, and end-of-year data we collect on students’ math and reading levels.

*Correction – My last post about student Gmail had an error. Students can only send messages to teachers, not to each other, with school email accounts.

Paquette Homeroom – Please turn in Scholastic book orders by Wednesday!

Have a great weekend!

-Mr. Paquette & Mrs. Campbell

Student Gmail

Fifth graders have a Franklin County Public Schools Gmail account that they will use to log in to computers with. They will continue to use it through middle and high school. It is monitored by the school system and can ONLY send emails to other students and teachers within Franklin County Schools.

There is a link under the “Resources” tab to log in. A sample student login for Tim R Smith would be and the password was given out in class, which is fc- – – – – -. Email me if you would like more information about it. – Mr. Paquette

Thursday Homework

R&R (Mr. Paquette’s class has a goal to increase “full page” responses.)

Ask someone, “What’s 9X9?”

Paquette homeroom – Science quiz Friday (tomorrow) on scientific method notes we took this week.

Campbell homeroom – Social studies quiz tomorrow on the first page of the study guide.

Newsletter Confirmation Email

Welcome to fifth grade at Henry. I want to verify that all of the emails I entered into the fifthgradenews website are working properly. Please reply to this email by Thursday, August 13 to let me know you received it. If I don’t hear back from you, I will send home a paper letter asking subscribers to check that I spelled your email correctly or to make sure it didn’t end up in your spam email folder. Just reply, “Got it!” if you saw this email. Thanks! – Mr. Paquette

Monday News & Homework


All – Read and Respond 20 minutes. This means read anything you like and write a short paragraph about what it was mostly about. It can be completed on paper or by using the tabs/pages/forms on this website above. Parents should initial R&R entries every night. This will always be homework on Monday through Thursday nights and in the future I will simply write “R&R” on fifthgradenews to indicate this reading homework assignment.


Who is Alexa? She is an Amazon Echo device that you can talk to. It can: answer questions, spell words, give definitions, do math problems, tell the weather, read audiobooks, play music, start timers, and even tell jokes! She is in Mr. Paquette’s room and will hopefully be a useful addition to our learning environment.

Welcome to Fifth Grade at Henry Elementary!

Thank you for coming out to Business Day today and checking out the fifth grade website. You will find many useful things here, such as nightly homework assignments, newsletters, student-written stories and articles, pictures from school activities and field trips, and links to all of the online resources we use. Students are able to log in and access the “dashboard” area where they can type and save papers, send messages to classmates and teachers, and work cooperatively on writing assignments. The primary purpose of fifthgradenews is to communicate with parents and keep you informed about all the great things happening in fifth grade at Henry Elementary. Welcome!

-Mr. Paquette & Mrs. Campbell

$5 Backpacks!

It’s only about a week away from Business Day and I’d like to save you some money on your back-to-school shopping. Last year, I did an experiment selling “car emergency bags” by buying a lot of items in bulk and passing on the savings to my coworkers. The sale went well, but I still have about 10 backpacks left over. I will have 5 different colors available on August 6th. Proceeds will benefit the annual $100 cost of fifthgradenews. Thanks! – Mr. Paquette


User Accounts Created

Rising fifth graders may now log in to gain access to the “dashboard”, private messaging, cloud storage, and ability to type papers. Your login username is your first name, starting with a capital letter, and your password is your lunch number. Be sure to read my message in your inbox about the rules first! Have fun and click around.

July News

We hope you are having a fantastic summer! Here are some updates from school:

  • Mrs. Campbell & Mr. Paquette are the fifth grade teachers
  • There are 3 new students, 29 total fifth graders
  • The schedule is SFA, writing, specials, lunch, math, sci/ss
  • There is a new p.e. teacher
  • Mr. Paquette’s classroom is “technology enhanced” in some interesting ways, but that’s top secret until Business Day!

Henry Elementary Rising 5th Graders Summer Reading Incentive!

Hello, rising 5th grade parents! I just wanted to wish you well on all of your summer adventures and encourage you to keep your child reading over the break. The fifth grade class website, , will be where you can see nightly homework assignments, news articles, and pictures from school. It will also have an online reading log page. But before we get into all of that, I wanted you to know that the “reading log” page is now called “Summer Reading Log” in a tab on the top of the site. If your child finishes one whole book, or more, (any length/size/topic) over the summer and fills out the Summer Reading Log online form, he or she will have a special surprise waiting for them on Business Day. That’s it! Just read ONE book and fill out the form :) Of course I wouldn’t mind more than just one entry! Have a great summer. – Mr. Paquette

Fifthgradenews doesn’t take the summer off!

Rising fifth graders and their families should stop by throughout the summer for the latest news from Henry Elementary fifth grade.

For example, who will be the fifth grade teacher(s)? Mr. Paquette is definitely teaching fifth grade next year, but it is unknown at this time who might be the other teacher. It depends on our enrollment numbers whether there will be two teachers or one.

Where is our field trip for 2015-16? We will be going to the Haw River Program in Browns Summit, NC. It is an outdoor education center that is fantastic and affordable. They have just renovated the cabins too. We are booked for Tues./Wed. September 29-30, 2015. Check out their website The price will be $65 per student. Only fifth graders are going on this trip, which I have been on four times and it’s awesome!