Hales Ford Academy Trip Tomorrow

One-room schoolhouse trip tomorrow – dress like 1890 and pack a period-appropriate lunch: apple. hard boiled egg, cornbread, ham, chicken, pie, dried fruit, nuts, biscuit, etc. Bring a cup for water.


Hales Ford Academy Lesson Plans

10:00 – cleanliness inspection, “My Country ‘Tis of Thee”, Bible reading

10:15 – grade level recitation (memorization) seat work

10:20 – grades take turns at the recitation bench, unison reading of the memory verse

11:15 – calisthenics, visit well for water

11:20 – spelling repetition in unison

11:30 – ciphering, unison chanting math facts, copy Roman numerals from board

11:45 – botany

12:15 – dinner at desks

12:45 – clean up and recess

1:00 read aloud story

1:20 – memory work on recitations

1:30 – Philosophy lesson on solar system

1:45 – spelling bee

2:00 – bell rings, all rise and pass to the horseless carriage

*Punishments for misbehavior: write lines, dunce cap, boys wear a bonnet and sit on the girls’ side of the classroom, stand on the block, kneel on beans, “the peg” hair hooked to the wall, flogging with a rod or belt

(punishments are re-enacted, not real)

Wednesday Homework


Muldoon math – sheet

Paquette math – measurement quiz tomorrow: Things to know based on our practice test today 1 meter = 100 cm = 1,000mm

Chess team – tournament Friday, turn in permission slip

Science – cell parts cooking project due Friday

Monday Homework


Jamestown down payment $75 due tomorrow

Chess club – tournament at BFMS Friday, you will need to be picked up by an adult

Paquette math – measurement quiz Thursday

Science – cells Masterchef project due Friday. Here’s what another fifth grade class did:


Masterchef Cells Science Project

What is it? It’s a graded science project and a cooking competition.

How do you do it? You think of a tasty and creative way to make a model of a plant or animal cell out of food.

Who are the “Cell”ebrity judges? That’s a secret, but they will judge the three top entries on taste, presentation, and scientific accuracy.

Is there a prize for the winner? Yes, but that’s also a secret!

News Update

“Look out!” Mr. Paquette wore a tie this Wednesday due to a not-so-great day of behavior on Tuesday. I’m sure you already heard about it. Since then, the fifth grade has been well-behaved. In fact, I have lost count of all the clips going “off the chart” this week!

Have you heard your child talk about Classflow? It is a new web site made by the Activboard company that allows teachers to share their electronic whiteboard presentations with students’ laptops and devices. The children can then write on, answer, or manipulate the pages of the flipchart and submit their work back to the teacher electronically. We are having fun learning how to use it!

Oops! I wasn’t very clear in the last newsletter about the date of the one-room schoolhouse trip to Hales Ford Academy at Dudley Elementary. It will be on the Thursday before Christmas, December 18th. Students will need to dress like it’s 1890 and pack a period-appropriate lunch. More will be coming about this trip as the date approaches.

Do you watch Masterchef Jr.? Henry Elementary fifth grade will be having it’s first cooking competition, complete with celebrity judges, on Friday, December 5th! This cook-off will see who can make the most amazing and delicious model of a plant or animal cell out of food. Details will be given at the beginning of our next science week.

Who Done It, Detective Jaelin

One early morning Evil Ms. Gees E. Hart (alien) was talking to her alien minions and showed them her cell phone screen and they saw Ms. Ty at her brother’s farm (near the school). After they  saw that they dashed to the farm.When she got out the car the aliens snagged her right in front of the principal. The principal called D.J. and the mighty detective squad. Once they arrived he discribed the problem. They said we will find her by the end of the day. TO BE CONTINUED… OR NOT?

Tuesday Homework

*Health notice – a cough/Strep throat is going around 5th grade. Please see a doctor if you have a cough/painful swallowing.

*Snacks – Students may bring a snack for 8:20-8:25 AM only. Our 10:00 writing time snack break has been taking up too much class time.


Paquette math – cm/mm sheet

Science – oceans quiz Friday


Subscribing to Text Messaging Problems?

A number of parents successfully subscribed to text alerts. Some of you have not confirmed your number. You should see a verification code screen to enter the PIN that gets sent via text to you when you sign up. Is your cell phone carrier not listed? No Problem, just let me know in a note what company you use and I can add it to the drop-down menu. If you have a Tracfone, you can select Verizon as your carrier and it will work.

Tuesday Homework


SS – quiz on Reconstruction Friday

Paquette math – unit 5 test Thursday

Writing – full rough draft for “famous person” prompt due Thursday

*PTO tonight, 5th grade performs Veterans’ Day program, be here by 6:15, wear red, white, blue

Monday, November 10

Once in a great while I need to get the message out about something important. Tonight I really want to make sure all parents are aware that fifth grade will be performing at tomorrow night’s PTO meeting. Please sign up for “Text Message Alerts” on the fifthgradenews homepage www.fifthgradenews.com It will only be used for high priority notifications.


SS quiz Fri. on Reconstruction

PTO Meeting and 5th grade Veterans’ Day performance at 6:30 tomorrow, students should be at the school by 6:15PM. The book fair will be open before (6:00-6:30) and after (30 minutes) the meeting. Holiday pictures with Strawbridge will be rescheduled.

NO chess tomorrow

Daniel’s Place Day/Night is Wednesday

Math – McGinnis math group will take unit 5 test tomorrow, Paquette math will take it on Thursday

Friday News

Wow, midterms come out next week! The second nine weeks is moving right along. Lots of grades went out today and some of them had a large impact on the students’ current averages. Be sure to help your child study for those science and social studies quizzes at the end of each week.

A notice also went out that Daniel’s Place Night is the 2nd Wednesday of every month, which will be on the 12th next week. The restaurant is now offering 10% of sales back to the school that day not just for dinner, but for breakfast and lunch sales too. Henry Elementary “pays it forward” to the local churches that support our school with donations to students.

The cost of Jamestown is dropping! We raised over $600 on Trunk-or-Treat, so we owe a huge thank you to all supporters and volunteers who made it happen. Mr. Paquette has been selling Brunswick stew and bulk paper goods to support the trip too. This has contributed about $60 extra. I have also donated my pencils and pencil vending machine to the cause with “Pencils for Jamestown” that started this morning. 49 pencils were sold for 25 cents each today, how much pencil money was raised so far?

What are we learning about right now? In math we have about another week to go in algebra before we begin “Unit 6 Measurement” for 20 school days. In science we are studying geology, rock types, and erosion. Next week we will continue to learn about Reconstruction. A full day free social studies field trip has been scheduled as a part of this unit for the Thursday before the holiday break. We will spend a day in an 1890’s schoolhouse, Hales Ford Academy, on the campus of Dudley Elementary. Students and teachers will eat, dress, learn, and play just like they did back then! Here’s what we looked like a few years ago before leaving! (You weren’t supposed to smile back then :) )

November 22 104

Tuesday Homework


SS – Reconstruction quiz Thursday

Red Ribbon Week – Dress as favorite book character tomorrow (not an excuse to wear a Halloween costume)

Thursday – Trunk or Treat 6-8 – Support our field trip and buy a hot dog dinner!


Monday Homework


ss – Reconstruction quiz Thursday from this study guide

Trunk or Treat Thursday 6-8, with hot dog dinner sales that help the 4th/5th Jamestown trip!

Mr. Paquette will be selling quarts of Brunswick stew as well, with all profits going towards the trip.

Red Ribbon Week – tomorrow is wear favorite hat, Wed. is dress as your favorite book character, and Thursday is “Dress to Impress”

Red Ribbon Week is Next Week

Monday: Favorite Sports Team
Tuesday: Wear your favorite hat
Wednesday: Dress as your favorite book character
Thursday: Dress to Impress (fancy clothes)
Friday: All red
*Note – Wednesday is not an excuse to wear a Halloween costume.

Tuesday Homework


Science – quiz Friday (see Mon. homework for sample questions)

*Conference confirmation notes went home today.

*Challenge: “Bowl a Strike” for candy – using a “dice roll” set of three numbers 1-6 and add/subtract/multiply/divide symbols, create equations that equal all answers for the numbers 1-10.

Monday Homework


Science – Quiz Friday

How old is the earth according to modern scientific theory? 4.6 billion years

How do we know about ancient life? fossils

What are the layers of the earth? inner core, outer core, mantle, crust

What layer of the earth is the thinnest? crust

What is plate tectonics? The theory that earth’s crust consists of puzzle-like pieces that shift over time

Some Important Items

In addition to report cards coming home today, parents should also receive a:

  • Behavior (Classdojo) report
  • Conference sign-up sheet
  • Field trip vote paper (Important!)
  • Parent survey

Please return these items as soon as possible.

Also, at 10:00am tomorrow there will be a dodgeball tournament and community yard sale. Please come! Have a great weekend.

-Mr. Paquette


1-  Give two addends whose sum is six.

2-  The difference is three. The minuend is eight.  What is the subtrahend?
3-  Three addends have a sum of 100. Two of the addends are 50 and 30.  What is the the third addend?
4-  Give two factors whose product is 24.
5-  According to the Commutative Property of Multiplication, 24 x 16 = _________________.

Need to Print?

Any students who need to print should upload their paper to the “+ New” button and “Media” on the dashboard. You can also write or copy/paste your report as a private post.



Upload Your Documents

A new plugin has been added to let you upload and print your documents from fifthgradenews. You can now save your posts as Word, PDF, and other file formats. Just use the “Add Media” button to insert your file in a post. Or, copy and paste your writing from another source as a new post here and you can re-save it as a Word, or other, file. Click on the title of your post, this one is “Boo!”, to see the download and print options.

Upload Your Documents

Friday News

From Mr. Paquette

The first nine weeks ended today and I have been very pleased with how things have been going. In the first quarter of school, I have given out 1,489 positive Classdojo points and only 67 “needs work” marks. Here is the graph of the entire class for all of the first nine weeks. You will get your individual Dojo report with your report card next week.


Social Studies Reports, Projects, Oral Reports are Due Tuesday

There are three parts to this project: a one-page typed report, a poster/model artwork piece, and a one-minute oral presentation. Students will choose one of the following topics for their project: Nat Turner Revolt, Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad, John Brown Raid on Harper’s Ferry, Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War, Battle of Bull Run, Monitor Vs. Merrimack, General Robert E Lee, General “Stonewall” Jackson, General Ulysses Grant

Rubric (Scoring Guide)

Report: Well-written in the student’s words, NOT copied from the Internet, one full page of 12 point font with “normal” 1.5 or double spacing, cites books/websites correctly. The teacher will subtract 5 points for mistakes like: poor spelling, incorrect grammar, incorrect information, off topic information, “stretching” to make your paper appear longer somehow, longer than one page, etc. Plagiarism will result in a 50F.

50F      55F      60D      65D      70C     75C      80B      85B      90A      95A      100A+

Artwork: Created by the student (not an adult), shows knowledge of the topic, evidence of effort/time put in, recycled items are better than store-bought!

50F                   65D                   75C                  85B               90A             95A             100A+

Very Poor         Little Effort        Average            Good            Great        Excellent       Superb!

Oral Report: You may NOT read your written report. Explain your topic to the class without reading something. Practice your timing to keep it within 1-2 minutes. You may use an outline of notes to guide you, but notes should be no more than 20 words written down.

50F      55F      60D      65D      70C     75C      80B      85B      90A      95A      100A+

The teacher will take off 5 points for to following:

Not trying to make eye contact with class, too quiet, too short, too long, incorrect information, etc.

What Else is Happening in Fifth Grade?

  • Colder weather means students must have a coat for recess!
  • Costumes/candy may not be brought to school on or around Halloween.
  • There is NO SCHOOL for students on Monday, a teacher workday.
  • Conferences will be available after report cards go out. I would like to conference with everyone.
  • In math, the division unit will end next week and be followed by 20 school days of “Unit 5: Algebra”



Thursday Homework


Writing – At least 3 full paragraphs of a rough draft for “Describe an Event” prompt due Friday so we can complete the partner work assignment of “sharing”

Science – Big quiz on the light study guide Friday

Ss – report, project, oral report due Tuesday

Wednesday Homework

Tonight is Bobcat Night at Daniel’s Place. 10% of all sales will be donated to Henry, which in turn will donate all proceeds to the wonderful groups that donate items for our students. Ordering “To Go” counts too!

*Journeymen Chess Team meets tomorrow after school


Science – “Big quiz” on light study guide Friday

Ss – reports, projects, oral reports due Tuesday, Oct 14th

Were Going To The Ball Game

In this story two boys named Christian and Jaelin have a problem. The problem is that they don’t have enough money to go with Benjamin Franklin  Middle School (BFMS) to the Charlotte Hornets game , against the New Orleans Pelicans in the Hornets arena. Jaelin exclaimed to Christian ” hey we could ask our neighbors do they have any chores to do. Christian replied ” great thinking” Jaelin. So when the boys got home they did there homework and then went to their neighbors house Mrs. Porter’s  house. When they walked in her house she exclaimed “hello boys” get started mowing the lawn. After six hours Mrs. Porter   paid them $180.00 dollars each.  They returned home and added that to the total. The next day at school they told their teachers “Were Going To The Ball Game. When they arrived at the arena they watched the Hornets beat the Pelicans in Over Time 108 to 80.